How to Apply

Admissions Procedure

There are three main routes into the British Section, designed to facilitate the integration of students with different linguistic profiles into the bilingual curriculum:

a. Fluent English and French speakers: "mainstream"

Children who already speak both languages fluently will be considered for entry to both the mainstream British Section and French classes. Should the assessment process indicate the need for reinforcement in one of the languages, the applicant may be considered for either Français spécial (see below) or the Fast-track English class in Le Pecq (as appropriate and depending on the availability of places).

b. Anglophone students (non-francophone): "Français spécial"

Children who speak little or no French can join the British Section via one of the Français spécial classes, available from CE1 (Year 3) to Seconde (Year 11). This involves an intensive one-year course in French before pupils are integrated into mainstream French classes. During this year, pupils are also taught in English in the mainstream British Section classes. Primary pupils entering Français spécial classes will be allocated to one of our three collège sites from 6ème (Year 7): Ecole Internationale, Collège Les Hauts Grillets or Collège Pierre et Marie Curie.

c. Elèves francophones apprennant l’anglais en tant que langue étrangère: "6ème Fast-track" and "Seconde Accueil"

Les classes "6ème Fast-track" au Collège Pierre et Marie Curie au Pecq et "Seconde Accueil" au Lycée International s'adressent aux élèves francophones ayant un très bon niveau scolaire ainsi que le potential et une grande motivation pour pratiquer l'anglais de manière approfondie dans le but d'atteindre un niveau bilingue. 

Please click on an entry point below for the specific admissions procedure for each of the three programmes.

Anglophone children Nursery School Age 3-5 (maternelle) Primary School Age 6-11 (primaire) Non-French speakers (Français spécial) Élèves franco- phones Fast Track Middle School Age 12-15 (collège) Non-French speakers (Français spécial) Élèves franco- phones 2nde Accueil Français Spécial Upper school Age 16-18 (lycée)