Aims and values


    The British Section's Aims and Values

    • To provide an authentic British educational programme as part of the bilingual curriculum delivered within the framework of the French schooling system
    • To inspire a love of learning and to help pupils explore and nurture their individual personality, talents and interests
    • To provide a safe, friendly and supportive environment in which pupils feel valued as individuals
    • To work collaboratively with pupils, parents, and our French colleagues to maximise each child's personal development, well-being and achievement
    • To help pupils to cultivate the attributes of independent, reflective and creative life-long learners and to become responsible and engaged global citizens
    • To enable anglophone children and children learning English as an additional language, to develop high levels of academic literacy in English
    • To enable pupils to continue their education and professional lives in the UK or another anglophone country
    • To promote an understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity and facilitate international mobility
    • To foster a vibrant, welcoming and supportive community

    British Section