Well done! IGCSE results 2020

Congratulations to all students who took IGCSEs this summer! 

Congratulations to all students who received results in the International GCSEs this summer. Once again, British Section students outperformed the international cohort and their results are a tribute to the hard work and effort they put in, despite the challenges of lockdown during the pandemic.

Cambridge IGCSEA*ABCDA*-APass (A*-C)
English Literature44%37%16%4% 81%100%
World cohort     52%95%
First Language English15%30%34%18%3%45%97%
World cohort     44%91%
Edexcel International GCSE*9&876549, 8, 7Pass (9-4)
History82%15%3%  97%100%
World cohort     69%95%

*More information about the new grading system for the International GCSE in History can be found here.