University Entrance

All of our pupils go on to higher education with most students gaining places at highly selective courses across a wide range of subjects in both the UK and France. A smaller number choose options in other countries, such as the Netherlands, USA, Ireland, or Canada. See below for examples of our leavers' higher education destinations.
The British Section organises annual meetings for pupils and parents in Première (Year 12) and Terminale (Year 13) to explain the different options available and provides individual advice and support through our dedicated team of University Application Supervisors. We also use the Cambridge Profile to give students valuable insights into the work and careers best suited to their skills and interests. The Lycée International also organises an annual careers fair run by parents and alumni, the Carrefour des Etudes et Métiers, and we regularly receive visits from universities wishing to recruit our students. Recent visitors include the Senior Tutors of King's College Cambridge and Selwyn College Cambridge and the London universities roadshow.
The British Section plays an active role in ensuring British universities, as well as those offering Anglophone courses elsewhere, understand and appreciate our students' international profile and the OIB (Option Internationale du Baccalauréat).
Our growing Alumni network allows us to track the international pathways taken by British Section students and to inspire and support our current students.

University Course Country
UK destinations    
Durham University Combined Honours in Social Sciences / General Engineering UK
Imperial College London Biomedical Engineering / Computing UK
King’s College London European Politics / Biochemistry UK
Leeds College of Art Art Foundation UK
London School of Economics Management / PPE UK
Loughborough University  Aeronautical Engineering UK
Oxford Brookes University Medical Science UK
Queen Mary University of London Design, Innovation and Creative Engineering UK
University College London Neuroscience / European Social and Political Studies (Dual Degree) / Biochemistry UK
University of Bath Chemistry for Drug Discovery / International Management / Psychology / Civil Engineering / Sport and Social Sciences  UK
University of Birmingham Physics UK
University of Bristol Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Innovation / Economics UK
University of Cambridge, Pembroke Law UK
University of Essex English and French Law  UK
University of Exeter  Biological Sciences UK
University of Manchester Sociology UK
University of Sheffield Sociology and Business Management UK
University of Warwick International Management / Law with French Law / Electronic Engineering / Mathematics / Economics UK
Other destinations    
École de design Nantes Atlantique Design France
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Engineering France
McGill Human Sciences / Commerce Canada
Prépa - Ginette MPSI / BCPST France
Prépa - Louis Le Grand MPSI / Khâgne-Hypokhâgne France
Prépa - Notre-Dame du Grandchamps, Versailles ECS France
Sciences Po International Relations France
University of Amsterdam Politics, Psychology, Law and Economy Netherlands
University of Western Australia Bachelor of Arts Australia
Williams College Liberal Arts USA