At primary level the British Section offers an exciting and engaging curriculum taught by UK qualified teachers and supported by classroom assistants and librarians in dedicated British Section classrooms on both sites. The classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and well-resourced libraries with a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction books.

We believe that education is a partnership between school and home and we recognise the role that parents play in their children's learning and development. Traditional values of kindness and respect are an important part of the "hidden curriculum". Children in Primary are encouraged to be polite, courteous and caring members of their class and school community and to play well with children from other classes in our host schools at playtimes.


The Primary curriculum provides a seamless continuum from the maternelle years with children enjoying using books as a stimulus for our topic-based approach. We deliver an English curriculum which embraces the UK national curriculum but is bespoke for our bilingual and bicultural context. Our aim is to:

  • develop the children's language skills in the four areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing,
  • while challenging and stretching young minds, and
  • using traditional and modern methods of teaching.

The children benefit from the use of interactive whiteboards during lessons and our topic-based programme is designed to spark creativity, curiosity and a love of learning. As children progress through the skills, so they develop a love of reading and the ability to write independently, enabling them to become effective communicators. The skills that we foster such as group/team work and the confidence to present their work, equip the children for life and for a smooth transfer to secondary education.

All the children enjoy a weekly library session during the afternoon classes where they can select, read or discuss books. CM2 (Year 6) benefit from the support of our librarians who encourage them to try new genres and are familiar faces for the children in collège (middle school). The libraries also house our reading-scheme books which go home weekly after the morning session. Children in CE1 to CM2 (Year 3 to Year 6) also work on a class reading book to help them discuss character, setting and plot, encouraging their writing skills.

Historical skills are developed by sequencing and ordering in maternelle (early years) and looking at old and new toys in CP (Year 2). The skills of change, continuity and chronology are developed in CE2, CM1 and CM2 where we study the Great Fire of London, the Tudors, the Victorians and aspects of the First and Second World Wars. Our aim is to lay the foundations of historical skills and understanding to arouse an interest in the past.

Two residential trips, one drama-based for CM1 (Year 5) and the other a historically-based visit to Normandy for CM2 (Year 6) enhance the curriculum. See below for more information on the primary curriculum.

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
Ourselves: close observation Winter: landscapes, journeys Picture book
Library Growth Extending writing
'News' book 'News' book 'News' book
Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
All about me Picture book Using our senses
Postcards, letters and mail Months and seasons Taste
Long vowel sounds Poetry Topic book: fiction
Punctuation Story settings Phonics and spellings
Fairy tales Adjectives and descriptions Punctuation
Pantomime Phonics and spelling Extending writing
Extending writing Punctuation
Extending writing
Term 1 - Wind Term 2 - Planet Earth Term 3 - Fire
The environment Space Volcanoes
Poetry: National Poetry Day Whales Topic book: fiction
Topic book: fiction Topic book: fiction Descriptive writing
Spelling, grammar and punctuation Animal myths Poetry
Descriptive writing Spelling, grammar and punctuation
Spelling, grammar and punctuation
Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
British Isles The Tudors: historical skills Residential trip
Map work and using an atlas Shakespeare and the Globe Theatre Play performance
Poetry: National Poetry Day Shakespeare play The Victorians: historical skills
Legends of the UK Extended writing Topic book: fiction
Writing legends Spelling, grammar and punctuation Extended writing
Extended writing Spelling, grammar and punctuation
Spelling, grammar and punctuation
Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
Who we are Topic book: fiction Residential trip: follow-up work
People we admire Descriptive writing Bayeux tapestry
Poetry: National Poetry Day Finding out about the past Topic book: fiction
Remembrance World War Two: historical skills Transfer to collège (middle school)
Persuasive writing Creative writing Extended writing
Topic book: fiction Spelling, grammar and punctuation Spelling, grammar and punctuation
Festive writing Residential trip: Normandy
Spelling, grammar and punctuation

For more information, see Primary Handbook.